Contact BauerAir for pricing and more information


If you are inquiring about an active Invoice #, PO #, or Quote #, please call 936.564.3483 and ask for Mr.Sowell.

If you are a sales or service inquiry, you must first email us at to establish a PO# or a Quote # for sales and service.

We do not take phone orders for parts, compressors, or service. All inquires must be in written form.

For faster response to your needs, please put one of the following in the Subject Box of your email:

  • PO # – Provide PO # in Subject Box and text
  • Quote # – Provide Quote # in Subject Box and text
  • Request a Quote – Provide your model # and options in the text
  • Parts – Provide your part # in the text, along with model of compressor and serial number
    We only stock Bauer Parts
  • Tech Support – Provide your question in the text, along with model of compressor and serial number
    We provide tech support for Bauer Compressors only

If you are not sure what unit you need, please write us a short note that explains what you need or application is. For example:
Paintball: “I want to run a small paint ball field.”
Scuba: “I want to fill a few of my personal tanks on my boat once a month.”
SCBA: “I am with a small volunteer fire department and need a quote on a complete system.”

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